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#935197 by clanger
14 May 2017, 19:21
I know some of you on here are regular Vegas visitors so thought I would pick your brains...

We are regular Wynn visitors and get comped rooms for 2/3 nights every couple of months and invited to slot tournaments at the hotel. However, we are interested in finding out what other hotels might offer us in return for our (low level!) spend. Does anyone know how we go about this? How should we contact other hotels and which ones, who we speak to and what info or proof of spend/coin in we need to provide?

Hoping there might be some seasoned professionals out there?

All and any advice/mickey taking appreciated...

Thanks all.
#935277 by Eggtastico
17 May 2017, 07:04
is the wynn linked to any other casinos through their players club card?
Could try contacting them directly.
Or contact hotels part of another players club. You could forward them a copy of any email invites from Wynn if they dont think you are good value for gambling.
#935281 by TimCrawley
17 May 2017, 09:21
Sorry for late reply - for some reason I missed this question until Eggtastico 'woke it up' today!

The unusual thing with the Wynn Red Card is that there is only the Red Card i.e. there is no tier system of card changing colour or name etcetera as your spend with them goes up the scale. So without the sample emails of your invitations from Wynn mentioned by Eggtastico it's hard for a rival scheme to know where to place you on their scheme.

Other casinos and groups of casinos operate a tier system where it's immediately apparent to a rival casino the sort of status (and therefore spend) that you have and they will often match that status to attract you to them. For example Total Rewards (look at their website but in Vegas covers Rio, Ballys, Harrahs, Paris, Caesars etc) has four tiers or M-Life (Mirage, Aria, Bellagio, Excalibur, MGM, Mandalay etc) also has four tiers plus a special by invitation tier. So if you had, for example, a Total Rewards Seven Stars card (the one on their scheme that offers complimentary rooms) then an M-Life casino would most likely offer you a Platinum card straight away if you asked at the Casino Host desk (rather than just the Players Club desk) .... with the Wynn Red Card plus your emails of regular free room invitations they could do the same for you.

The key thing is that at the Players Club desk they almost never have the authority to do that and will simply issue you with a new card at their lowest tier. So you need to either ask them to call a Casino Host over for you or go direct to the Casino Host offices yourself (often close by anyway).

Another thing to add is that it's not the spend per trip so much as the spend per qualifying period - bit like VS FC! So if you are a local (i.e. Nevada resident) they often make the qualifying period 3 months so points reset 4 times a year. If you are tourist (i.e. non-Nevada resident and especially overseas) the qualifying period is more usually a full year ..... meaning a relatively small spend but more than one trip a year as a tourist does make you interesting and does allow you to climb up to a nicer tier level than a local could achieve (which sounds like you?).

As a regular I'm sure you have already got one but if not do make sure you get a US ITN number issued to you (valid for ever so only need to do it once) so that you don't pay US taxes on any jackpots of $1200 or more that you are lucky enough to win otherwise they will grab 30% off you as they pay it out (you will have no UK tax liability either, bit like on course betting for the horses in the UK).

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