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#914302 by Sealink
11 Dec 2015, 19:44
By virtue of me finding a bargain break that doesn't involve any holiday time, here's the details of my trip to Bilbao.

You are welcome to meet up in Bilbao for pintxos and kalimotxo and the Guggenheim museum!

SAT 06 FEB HEATHROW to BILBAO British Airways 0830hrs BA 466
1 night at Hesperia Bilbao
SUN 07 FEB BILBAO to HEATHROW British Airways 1950hrs BA 469

Still some bargains to be had at the front of the cabin, and in fact, booking it separately might save a few £££s.

Even cheaper in Y class naturally.
#914462 by Maximus
17 Dec 2015, 18:14
Much as I would love a trip out to Bilbao, I will be shot at dawn if I book any more vacations :-O

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