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#939857 by selbyk
25 Nov 2017, 14:22
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Only me again with the return trip from Antigua.

Left the delightful Coco Bay at 3pm for the 6.30 flight, check in was quick and on to the lounge at V C Bird airport which was very comfortable. It was a delight top pick up a newspaper again which passed the time. The snacks were ok and the service fine. I couldnt wait to sit outside and have a sneaky cig, but alas no, its no smoking, oh well, such is life ;-)
We were called to the gate and straight onto the plane to settle in.

UC was full again and PE looked so also with 154 pax in total.

Decided to watch a documentary (about bitcoin) which hopefully would see me through the meal and sleep straight after.

The menu for all you foodies as follows:
Thai coconut mushroom soup
Pencil asparagus wrapped in prosciutto
Nicoise salad

Vietnames style caramel pork
Curry vegetable casserole
Sliced beef salad
Sage and pasion fruit marinated grilled chicken breast

Pear strudel
New york cheesecake

I opted for the asparagus starter which went down well, then the pork, very tasty but also heavy. After a couple of weeks of excess that was my lot, I couldnt manage dessert or even cheese, bit of a shocker for me!

The flight was quite turbulent, not heavy, just rough spells about every half hour most of the way back.

Into gatwick on time, backs first off (even though one was on the wrong belt, then the drive back up to chilly Lincolnshire.

Last, but definitely not least, the young lady dedicated to our aisle was absolutely fantastic, always smiling and nothing was too much trouble, despite me asking for another pillow (one is never enough) and another toothbrush (I left the first on with washbag in the toilet). She was a credit to Virgin, as were all the other crew on this flight.

That sums it up I think......till next time (Hopefully Phuket in March but that will pobably be with my other favourire airline, EVA, as travelling to Thailand via Hong Kong with Virgin is prohibitively expensive compareed with Asian carriers or Turkish who are very keen with business class at the moment)

Cheers all,
#939858 by marshy11
25 Nov 2017, 17:46
Thanks for taking the time to give us an insight into your flight home. I hate turbulence so a shake every half hour would have finished me off! Welcome back to 30c sunshine - oops sorry I mean rain, sleet, hail and COLD!
#939938 by tomthumb
29 Nov 2017, 22:36
Nice solid flight home - thanks for sharing

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