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#938610 by MrsB
24 Sep 2017, 01:13
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OK - it has been a long time since I did an Economy flight - but, with using miles, managed to get a return to JFK for £155 so can't complain. Deliberately chose the VS3 to try out the 787.

I was sooooo tempted to upgrade beforehand but then reality hit home - did it really warrant £100 per hour in the air to do UC - especially if that money could be put towards more exciting things on arrival. So I decided to stick with Economy.

Due to early flight I went down the night before and stayed in the Hilton at T4. Early get up and a quick trip across to T3 on the shuttle train. Check in was so quick - went to the PE desk as I am Silver (for the moment) and got redirected to the UC desk. So checked in within 5 mins of arrival.

Gate was shown at 70 mins before take off - not a full flight and boarding very smooth. Personally I am not keen on the 3-3-3 config. I had booked my seat 14 days before as I wanted an aisle seat. Was really hoping for no one next to me but it was not to be. Once boarded, we were told that we could move seats but only after take off. I didn't bother to do so. People in the other seats seemed very nice and friendly enough.

Have to admit to being very envious going through my "normal" PE cabin on my way to EC - but next time maybe....didn't help that my last flight was UC.

The EC cabin is lovely, shiny and new and I loved the lighting and window blinds. I understand it is supposed to reduce the jet lag - whether it does or not (and I definitely didn't suffer as much this time), it is still fab.

Drinks offered (tomato juice taken due to the relatively early hour!). My neighbours opted for wine (ok - I am not going to judge but wine at 10.00am??)

Loved the "low touch" IFE. Watched Beauty and the Beast (don't judge) and a couple of TV programmes. Lunch was good - had a Pasta/Pesto/Chicken combo which was quite tasty. CC were very attentive and no complaints.

The negatives - my bum went to sleep after 5 hours. First time ever. Toilets - why the heck did they not put in toilets at the end of the plane as well? 1 set in economy in the middle of the plane is not enough!

A little bit bumpy before landing - but I would happily do EC in the 787 again. And I did feel better that I normally did jet lag wise.

And if you have reached this far and travel frequently to the US and have wondered if Global Entry is worth it - just do it. I was collecting my suitcase before most of the UC had got through the Border Control.
#938612 by marshy11
24 Sep 2017, 07:22
Sounds like you had a good flight. One set of loos doesn't sound anywhere near enough.

As for the wine at 10am....the sun is over the yardarm somewhere in the world - I'm with the wine drinkers!
#938681 by tomthumb
26 Sep 2017, 21:07
Thanks for the Trip Report

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