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#937652 by MoJoJo
20 Aug 2017, 09:52
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Having been made redundant earlier this year this was my first work trip with my new job for three days training in Heathrow Florida. Nice to work for a company that for over eight hours you can fly PE and they book you in a decent fare class so upgrades, if available are possible. My mistake was not looking to fly LHR to DTW then internal and the MCO flights were all fairly full. So this was to be my first night flight not in UC for quite a few years.

Unlike on the outbound where I managed to get 20A upstairs the options for the return were limited with only seats in the middle of the rows of four left available or 18K so the latter was my choice with hopes of being able to change at the airport. Travelling alone I would normally select an aisle seat so that I can move and go the loo when needed which is frequent given I can get through 3 big bottles of water on flights so consequently need to pee a lot! My dread was the person next to me going to sleep and being trapped.

In light of hoping to change seats I arrived at MCO well ahead of time and made my way to the UC check in desks where there was a small queue. Things were taking a little longer than normal due to systems issues however soon it was my turn. I asked if there were any aisle seats available and was told that 14C was being held however I'd need to ask at the gate if it was still free. The agent spent a while looking at forms and manually entering codes that they would not normally have to do if the systems were working properly to suddenly say "I did it" and proudly presented me with a boarding pass for 14C. I could not thank her enough and said she'd made my day which she had.

After a quick trip to duty free I made my way to the Delta lounge which was a better way to spend a few hours than the main departure area which was packed with people sitting on the floor all over the place. A few G&Ts and snacks later the flight was called. Boarding quick and easy, welcomed on board to find a bottle of water on the seat. No idea why the crew on the outbound told me they were no longer offering the bottle of water either on the seat or as you board. Prosecco and juice offered, both accepted along with a refill later.

We had a slight delay to leaving due to an issue with hold... no further details were given however soon we were on the way. Very full flight and a flying time of 7 hours something. (sorry, can't remember the exact time but we landed on time despite the delay)

After a pre dinner G&T it was time for dinner. I'd preordered a low fat meal for this flight which I've done a few times in the past when in PE and normally it is quite good although can be a little bland. This time it was really nice though, some grilled chicken, steamed veg and baby new potatoes with a gravy/sauce. Actually almost on par with a couple of UC chicken dishes I have had in the past and a far sight better than the pink chicken breast hidden under a mound of mash I had on the way out! Post dinner G&T provided by the FSM was a tad strong but helped me sleep until one hour before landing. Breakfast of fruit and yoghurt with granola was good and what I'd normally have in UC.

Crew and FSM were really attentive and chatty throughout the whole flight. All in all an excellent flight in PE
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#937654 by MoJoJo
20 Aug 2017, 11:12
virginboy747 wrote:Glad you had a good flight. Water bottles are no longer given out or on the seats ex UK but are on the meal trays. In next month or so this will be the same from outstations

Thank you for the clarification
#937662 by tomthumb
20 Aug 2017, 20:33
Many thanks for the Trip Report and glad it was a good flight
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