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#936715 by mdhayes
20 Jul 2017, 13:49
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This was my first trip in upper class after bagging G fares as previously we’d always bought z class, but thanks to this forum I finally understood how to really get the most out of my miles. We decided on Mexico after chatting to people on here and also some advice from friends and family. Plus we’d ruled out the USA for a while as out last few big trips had been there.

We decided to stay the night before in the Hilton Gatwick South, at the time of booking it was much cheaper than Hampton in the North terminal but following the prices and with hind sight I should have held out and booked the Hampton. The Hilton Gatwick south has got to be the worst airport hotel I’ve ever had the misfortune of staying in. Check in was horrendous, literally took 25 minutes and that was in the ‘faster’ Hilton honors queue. As Hilton Gold we were upgraded to an executive room in the new wing, which was nice and spacious and relatively new. That’s probably the last nice thing I’ll say about the room. The room was a very uncomfortable temperature, no amount of pressing the aircon controls could get it any cooler, the bed was the hardest most uncomfortable bed I’ve had the misfortune of sleeping on and the pillows were just terrible. All in all we had a terrible nights sleep and wasn’t the best start to the holiday we had planned.

In the morning we made the quick jump to north terminal and onto the relatively new check in area. I did miss the completely separate UC check in area that was there in the south, especially as there were 2 groups in front of us who were in the UC by mistake and were directed to the economy queue. Check in took a very long time, with the check in agent swiping our passports about 8 times before her computer seemed to accept them. But soon enough we were directed to the new club house via fast track security.

I really liked the new clubhouse in terms of space and brightness, but miss the hideaway corners the old one used to have. Service was top notched with a couple of grounded crew working there due to pregnancy. Breakfast number 1 was ordered as eggs benedict but no bubbles yet as several coffees were needed to shake the bad nights sleep. For the first time ever I booked a treatment in the spa (just an express facial) and I must say I really enjoyed it. I wasn’t sure on the tip etiquette for the therapist though. We moved to more comfortable seating and had a few bubbles including a redhead or too, OH also ordered some more food (french toast) which he said was better than some we’d has in America.

We left at first call as we needed a few things from Boots etc. By the time we got to the gate we’d missed priority boarding but we were soon on board and in our seats 8A and 9A, previously we’d been in 6A and K but my OH didn’t like the angle so this time we went for our usual 8 and 9A. I was a little worried we’d get Tinkerbelle as I didn’t want the old vera but due to our late arrival at the gate I didn’t get the name of the aircraft but it was a standard Gatwick 747. Welcome bubbles were offered and accepted (so glad Gardet has gone, but still not as nice as the Lanson). No refills were offered (I suspect this was because we boarded slightly later than the rest of UC.

After take-off the FSM came around and introduced herself to everyone, she had a list of names but asked if we preferred to be called by our first names etc, after this I knew we were in for a good flight. Take off drink orders were taken and soon after our menu choices. I had the asparagus and Parma ham salad, mushroom risotto and eton mess. The salad and risotto were delicious, the risotto was nicer than some I’ve had in restaurants. The eton mess was a massive disappointment, it was just in a prepacked tub like the GU pots in economy. I should have gone all out and had the melt in the middle choc pud that my OH had. I did mean to save a full menu but I forgot. My OH had the same starter then beef which he said was cooked well and the choc pud.

I watched 2 films overall Dr strange and rouge one, which were good, but spent most of the time chatting to OH and the crew. They were very attentive and couldn’t fault them at all.

Couple of hours prior to landing we were offered extra bites, OH had the pulled pork burger (very good) and I had the sushi (which unfortunately was just prepackaged supermarket style and was just ok.

Landed into Cancun airport and we were off just behind PE, our bags were already on the belt by the time we’d cleared immigration.

One tip for Cancun airport, just keep walking through the airport and past all the time share reps, who will try and convince you they are your shuttle service.

I think overall this was the best UC flight I’ve ever had. The last time I flew the changes in crew levels were noticeable but not this time. I think the crew that were on this flight were a credit to virgin and I have emailed Crawley towers to say so.
#936719 by hiljil
20 Jul 2017, 14:43
Thank you for your TR. So pleased you had such a good flight and getting g's must have made it even better. Hope you had as pleasant a flight back and a wonderful stay in Mexico.
#937020 by tomthumb
29 Jul 2017, 19:56
Many thanks for the Trip Report and glad it was a good flight

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