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#936586 by Lucydog
11 Jul 2017, 10:18
Ground Staff
Food & Drink
Cabin Crew
Flight VS4770/DL1570 LAS/JFK. ( Sorry wrong flight number VX475.)
This flight was 11.30 p.m. overnight. Delta pack passengers and cases onto there aircraft like sardines. This 5 hour flight was the worst experience i have ever had. it was freezing cold and when i asked for a blanket on this 757 i was told they are for babies only, P.E. >-( it was not. food bars hot drinks and biscuits were offerd. Suitcases not all fitted in the bins :-O were shoved under the seats, this unerved me as turbulance would have them slide around. Landed on time and then a very long walk to collect luggage. Then we went to get transfer which should have taken us to Crown Plaza Times Square, Nope dropped us off 5 blocks away and told us we should have been told that. >-( >-( Should have got a taxi, Which we did on return, no problems. New York very busy and again lots of street sellers, also very expensive especially if you want to go to all the sights. We stayed here 7 nights, enjoyit because you will do lots of walking. :)
#936590 by hiljil
11 Jul 2017, 13:28
Sorry to hear about your poor flight and problems getting to the hotel. Hope the stay in NY made up for it.
#936595 by tomthumb
11 Jul 2017, 18:43
Not very good, never nice with a cramped cabin
#939887 by Lucydog
27 Nov 2017, 15:12
OK just to let you all know, after complaining about the service of this flight I received a nice e-mail and an apology for the flight. But not much I know but a voucher undated for $75 each to use as and when we want to. I feel this is a good result and will try and fit in a small flight to use it. I can suffer up to an hour in 2018/9.

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