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#936015 by Kabuta007
16 Jun 2017, 18:11
Ground Staff
Food & Drink
Cabin Crew
Flight was delayed 2 hrs but received a text message a good few hours before hand so no nasty surprises at the airport.

Check in was a breeze as was security for a change so for Duty Free, don't know why really but I always do but I never buy anything as the prices are cheap anyway.
Swiftly on to The Club LAS lounge which was pretty busy unusually, had the Red Pepper soup (be rude not too) followed by a white wine. Please please never stop serving that soup, been there since the day T3 opened in LAS and hope stays forever :-D
Boarding was a bit of a farce really as they seemed all over the place and none of the ground crew took the lead, they all took turns having a dabble on the PA as what was happening as some said we will commence boarding in 10 mins, the next was 30mins and then 5 mins ??
Boarding commenced and GC announced, PAX with young children or require extra time etc.....And this part bugs me all the time >-( Why doesn't the GC advise all other passengers to keep the boarding area clear for these passengers instead of them having to fight their way through !
The same can be said for when it comes to UC & PE boarding as that can be fun with PAX standing practically on top of the gate. Now I have heard it mentioned that "all PAX remain seated until they're called etc.." but this rarely happens these days.
Boarded and had a pre-flight spritzer and offered a slepper suit but I had to decline as Large is the biggest they do but it doesn't fit and I'm not that big really. No dramas as I always bring a change of clothes with me on board.

Take off was smooth and the food service commenced, I had salad for starters followed by beef fillet and requested Lemon Drizzle Sponge .Desert arrived and it was sticky toffee pudding which wasn't on the menu (Lemon Drizzle or Chocolate Pudding ) so I mentioned it to the Service Mng in our cabin (there were 2 on board) "Oh I didn't see that on the menu I must have missed it" I git the reply "NO YOU DIDNT", I purposely put that in capitals as thats the way it came across with a cross looking expression ?? So I just smiled and tried it anyway but hey Im sure it very nice but it was just far too sweet for me so only had one spoon. I did notice that he was giving other PAX the same no service attitude which was puzzling.

Watched film and converted the seat only to wake flying over southern Ireland (perfect :-D

All in all the journey back was fine just some issues that could and should be addressed as they are easy wins with the ground crew, and I'll just put the Toffee Pudding incident down to having a bad day.

I post the trip over in Economy next as that was 10/10, pity we could get the same service across all levels of travel really but thats life.

Happy flying all wherever your off to next
#936098 by TimCrawley
21 Jun 2017, 08:20
What a pity about the niggles on the flight but you sounded pretty happy overall with it - certainly notice the CC on return legs from LAS are a bit more frazzled than other routes (but I guess trying to rest up before the flight is as tough for them as it is for us passengers in the 24h city of LAS).

As many say, the lounge at LAS is no CH - but I still quite enjoy it's intimacy and find the staff there friendly / helpful ..... plus the soups are really nice, as you say, but I think it's the Broccoli & Cheese one I force 2-3 bowls down of myself!

Thanks for posting.
#936205 by tomthumb
24 Jun 2017, 15:44
Many thanks for the TR
#936213 by Sealink
24 Jun 2017, 18:31
This is going to sound harsh but crew aren't entitled to "have a bad day".

At work we always said "leave your problems at the door", and ultimately, poor service given will not make the crew member feel any better.

Shame as VS have been pretty good recently
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