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#935851 by LucyLu
08 Jun 2017, 11:35
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After 3 weeks in the sun it was time to return home :-(

We got to the airport at about 3pm for a 5:15pm flight. There had been some disruption over the weekend not only to BA flights due to the IT "power failure" but also on the VS flights due, I think, to baggage problems at Gatwick and plane problems (a friend flew back on the Friday and found herself on a 747 instead of an A330). By the time we flew on Sunday though, the VS flights were back to normal and the plane we were travelling home on arrived on time.

Checkin was smooth although she did warn us that one of our 3 bags was 25kg and over weight, but despite us offering to move stuff between cases she let it go with a "heavy" tag on it. Bearing in mind we had an allowance between us of 4 pieces of luggage, I would have been pretty peed off i she had tried to charge us for an extra 2kg in one of our 3 bags.

Boarding was done on time and took place pretty quickly with priority boarding first. One thing to note in 25H/K is that there is no overhead locker space as it is used up by flight cots, so on both our flights we had to put our luggage in the overhead locker above the middle seats.

We took off early (in pouring rain) and landed 30 mins ahead of schedule, as per the outbound trip which was nice.

Service was good, welcome drinks were served promptly and with a friendly smile, and we even got seconds. Once in the air the drinks service came round, then dinner. This time we had a full choice of meals and it was a large improvement on the outbound food. After dinner drinks were offered (brandy and whisky) but when asked the FA went and found some Amarula for me - seems they had 'misplaced' it.

Watched a film, listened to music and tried to sleep but it just wasn't happening. Never mind it was a good flight. Only downside was the couple in front who reclined straight after takeoff straight onto my knees. Why can't people just turn round and politely tell you they are going to recline instead of whacking the seat back without looking? Needless to say they didn't put their seats up for breakfast service either and fidgeted throughout the whole flight. I think my OH got a bit fed up with his screen moving around all the time. Still, the airline can't do anything about passengers and their behaviours, you just have to live with it.

It was a shame that after a very smooth and early flight that our taxi hadn't obviously been tracking the landing times and we had to wait 45 mins for it. Never mind, we got home by 8am, unpacked and first load of washing on by 9am and off for a couple of hours kip.

Overall a lovely flight with typical VS service
#935872 by tomthumb
09 Jun 2017, 16:01
Thanks for the TR - 3 weeks in BGI - very nice indeed
#935936 by LucyLu
13 Jun 2017, 09:31
I've done 3 weeks quite a few times over the years and it makes a lovely break. It also allowed us t catch up with lots of friends who travel at various points in May. Looking into buying an apartment, then the only problem I will have is convincing work to give me sufficient time off!

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