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#940636 by joeyc
08 Jan 2018, 21:30
Good afternoon from the JFK CH.

As the title says, the flatbreads are back on the menu after a small hiatus for some salady nonsense.

Just came off a flight up from Vegas with Delta. They have a good F product for the transcontinental flight and I cannot fault the service in flight. We were initially scheduled to be heading to NYC last Thursday, however the weather “troubles” allowed us a few extra days in Vegas - what a shame ;-)

No overly weird tapas in the menu at the moment, pork sliders and Reuben croquettes inbound.

Have a great evening Vflyers :cool:
#940641 by joeyc
08 Jan 2018, 23:15
How about the salmon toast Simply? Ha ha. Already enjoyed :-P

It’s snowing again, yay.
#940646 by pjh
09 Jan 2018, 00:24
Enjoyed one of the flatbreads last week alongside a pecan pie and large Woodford (or two).
#940690 by pjh
10 Jan 2018, 23:11
redengines4me wrote:What is a Woodford? To me it is a pint from a brewery in Norfolk but never seen then on a flight.

As Doomwolf says, it's a bourbon I was referencing.From a VS perspective I've only ever seen it in the JFK CH, on flights they serve Gentleman Jack from Jack Daniels. DL, however, offer Woodford on their flights.

I do salute your acknowledgement of the brewer of MrsPJH's favourite bitter, Wherry. Not as good as Adnam's Broadside, mind :)
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