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#940600 by Shirley Heights
07 Jan 2018, 20:21
Having enjoyed the 'A' seats a few times last year on the refurbished A330-300s , I much prefer to be mid cabin - 5A/6A - so away from the galley, bar and toilets. However, depending on where and when they are travelling, the aircraft could still revert back to a 1-2-1 configuration (I believe there are still two with the old config) - OR - be an Air Berlin aircraft...

TBH, in recent months it seems like pot luck as to which VS aircraft is now flying on which route, what with the ongoing 787 problems.
#940611 by CommanderB
08 Jan 2018, 11:07
Which route are they flying?

3A and 4A are a decent choice. All the A seats, with the exception of 10A as its a tad too close to the bar and the right hand wall makes it feel a little imposing.

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