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#940585 by SoiDog
07 Jan 2018, 01:00
Tricky time getting out of New York in the last couple of days. VS728 obvs cancelled on Thurs (Lady Stardust was diverted to IAD). Rebooked by helpful VS staff on Delta to DUB then onto MAN. Delta couldn't check my bags through to MAN because they haven't got an interline agreement with Aer Lingus. Ok, plenty of time at DUB to go through arrival, pick up bag, check in etc at DUB.

Got through security, went to the Clubhouse...only to find out DL44 to DUB was cancelled (JFK had closed all runways).

Delta bag services said they would make sure the bag would get to the final destination - which for them was DUB . I told them it was MAN etc.

Got rebooked by VS on the same route last night - got to MAN and no bag (obvs).

Has anyone been in this situation before? If so what are my options etc?

Any help/advice would be gratefully received.


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