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#940514 by James M
03 Jan 2018, 15:06
Dear friends,

I lurk quite frequently in the background here, and now find myself needing your expert advice once again (given that I imagine someone will reply quicker than Virgin customer service!).

I am flying to New Orleans 4-11 April. I am connecting in Atlanta on the way in, and JFK on way out. We're in Upper both ways, and are all paid up.

Now that I've booked it, I am contemplating spending a day in NYC whilst passing through i.e. taking my scheduled transfer from New Orleans to JFK, but move my flight home back 24hrs. Is this possible? And if so, is the cost normally reasonable or prohibitive? Personally, given that Virgin have changed my flight times for this trip twice already, maybe letting me make a change once for free would be nice!
#940516 by Neil
03 Jan 2018, 19:21
If you've paid with cash then the likelihood is you'll be on a Z fare and if so, changes are not permitted at any time. Your only option is to upgrade to a fully flexible fare but that will cost thousands.

If you've used miles, the changes are permitted for a small fee, but there must be miles seats available on your new flight.
#940519 by buns
05 Jan 2018, 16:26
Have to support what Neil has said. It depends very much on ticket type as to whether you can change - the fact that VS has had to change things due to the 787 issue is unlikely to make them sympathetic but you can at least give them a call

#940520 by Kraken
05 Jan 2018, 16:43
I have to concur with the advice from Neil & buns above. It will more than likely by quite expensive for the OP to add on the NYC layover.

The only time I believe Z fare restrictions go out of the window is in the event of a bereavement of a close family member / someone you were travelling with. Even in these cases, Virgin ask to see documentary proof (within a reasonable timescale) or else they reserve the right to charge you for the changes to your travel plans.

The fact that Virgin have altered the OP's flight times twice is a non-starter as all airlines make tweaks to their schedules from time to time for varying reasons. There is nothing to be lost by giving Virgin a call and seeing what they say, but I would not bet much money on them allowing the change to add a layover free of charge.

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