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#940484 by DoomWolf
02 Jan 2018, 13:59
I've just booked a cash UC flight to Seattle in the sale week in May, using my credit card companion reward alongside it for my wife, giving us both flights for a total outlay including taxes/fees for £2562 (£1988 for the cash fare, £573 for the companion reward fees). A definite worthwhile use of the companion reward I think. The nice lady who booked it over the phone said she hardly ever processes any companion rewards and this was the first time she'd done it on their new booking system.

I had been considering using the Ex-EU route again, but this came in at around the same cost with none of the hassle.

The other bonus is that I've booked the 'I' class fare three weeks before the cut-off for the end of the limo perk for that fare class. :-D
#940486 by DoomWolf
02 Jan 2018, 15:01
Does anyone have any views on seats 10A/11A?

I prefer the seats that face the middle wall, but they're the only two left on that side on the outbound flight. It's a day flight so I won't worry too much about sleeping, but how close are they to the bar? I did enjoy sitting at the bar for a while on our flight to New York just over a year ago. There was only me there for ages until a (bit drunk) guy came up from economy. The crew tolerated him for a short time before making him go back to his seat.
#940489 by DragonLady
02 Jan 2018, 18:36
I think the agent ( or system) has made a mistake( in your favour) ? My understanding is that the fare class for using the CC companion voucher in UC is J ( probably why she doesn't do too many !!) . I've only ever used them against S fares . Hope it's been ticketed :) .
#940494 by DoomWolf
02 Jan 2018, 19:21
It really does now make the voucher worthwhile. Checking the Z fare it was only £200 cheaper than the I fare.

It really is all thanks to this great forum that I knew about the change to allow its use with all but the cheapest fare buckets. :D
#940496 by DragonLady
02 Jan 2018, 20:06
matt.hibb wrote:The agent hasn't made a mistake. Companion rewards/vouchers are redeemable against any UC fare except Z now. Checkout the 'Companion seats' tab here: ... ights.html

I took advantage of this last Sept in exactly the same way as DoomWolf; booked an I fare, used a companion voucher and got a free limo too.

Those aren't for the CC issued vouchers are they ? That's for a miles redemption companion ( a different thing altogether ).
See this under the Flying Club Miles section- ... tions.html .
More than happy if agents are processing them as reported though.
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