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#940475 by mikethe3rd
01 Jan 2018, 16:26

Flew into MCO yesterday after a few colder days in NYC and saw the new air trains leading to the new terminal. Online info seems limited so does anyone know the detail?

What a drastic improvement if VS have access with the A350s.

#940476 by Kraken
01 Jan 2018, 18:21
There is a bit of info & a CGI video walk-through of the new South terminal here; ... l-complex/

16 gates, 6 of which are clearly wide-body aircraft gates & 10 narrow-body aircraft gates. Full FIS facilities so the terminal can handle international arrivals. Very large multi-storey parking garage & the airport train link to the North terminal.

Will be interesting to see which airlines move to the South terminal for international flights. Virgin must be MCO's biggest customer for international flights (6 flights a day in peak season) so they are, in theory, a good contender. Such a move would mean they lost use of the Delta Sky Club for Upper Class / FC passengers, so a lounge offering of some kind would in theory need to be available. (I'm not going to suggest a Clubhouse as it'll never happen in MCO).

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