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#940369 by Phil.Durrant
28 Dec 2017, 15:31
Hi, looking to book next flight and am conscious that im getting close to the deadline for renewing my gold status. Is there anyway to check the fare code before booking online? Can see prices but no other information

When i do a dummy booking, i get the following fare codes: INUFOAMW & NJUPOSMX

Is it possible to determine the ticket code from these? Only need a few tier points to hit the 100 mark so am wondering if these tickets will get me there or not, or if i should try and book closer to the date to get higher class tickets.
#940379 by ILikeSoton
28 Dec 2017, 17:06
I thought the first letter in that code is the relevant fare code but when I did a dummy booking I don't think that aligned with my theory. Is the INU... code a UC fare? Is the NJU... code an economy ticket? If there's a certain fare code you're looking for you can always search by that as well.
#940384 by CommanderB
28 Dec 2017, 18:19
Quoting myself from another topic on the same subject a while back.

commanderb wrote:Unfortunately the new system brought along this 'enhancement'.

My rules of thumb -

  • If it starts with W S H or K and you were looking at PE, then its probably telling you the fare bucket it books into.
  • If it doesn't, then you have no idea what you will get until ticketed, where you can check using the 'view receipt' button in Manage Booking. [Update - this now only appears for VS ticketed itineries. If booked through a travel agent, it does not.]
  • If you don't think you know which bucket (when it doesn't start with W S H or K) then go on price.... is it insanely cheap or expensive... that will give you a clue.
  • When in doubt, query ExpertFlyer to see what buckets are available to sell. If ExpertFlyer says no K and H then you know it must be S or W.
  • Search for what you want, if the fare condition is not understandable, do the same search again but specify one of the higher fare buckets and see what happens to the price. Repeat this process until you find a fare code that matches the price of the original search, then you can be relatively sure that's what it is.
  • If you need a specific fare bucket (for TPs or whatever) do NOT chance using the website, call VS and make sure you get the bucket you want.

It's all a bit of a palaver really. I submitted a request for improvement on this via the social media team many months ago. I asked for the ability to see the bucket before booking, like you can on the receipt once its ticketed. This was what the old website did. Ideally, it should also show TPs & Miles earned before booking, like the old site too.

EDIT to add -

If it's UC outbound and PE inbound or vice versa, its very unlikely you will be able to decipher these alone. Whenever the fare conditions get complex (mixing classes or layovers), the codes are become an enigma. When its a straight return in the same class, its almost always the first letter that is the fare bucket unless there is a sale or something on and then maybe not.
#940388 by Sealink
28 Dec 2017, 22:06
N is normally an economy fare bucket.

You'll get 100 TP for lowest J ticket, and 200 in I class (plus chauffeur if booked before mid Jan)
The return code starting with a N is confusing as that's one of the lower Y buckets.

What route are you looking at? What dates? Will try and recreate it.
#940515 by Phil.Durrant
03 Jan 2018, 18:32
I have gone ahead and booked the flights. Now that i have a booking, is there anyway to check the fare code, or do i simply need to wait for the points to be added to my account after the flight?

I'll get at least 200 for the outbound leg, as the booking includes the car service (99% certain its a J class tickets so will enjoy one final complimentary car service from this class!)

This leaves me requiring 100 more TP's to renew my gold so im hoping i can cover this off from the return leg, but not sure if i can confirm this anyhow?
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