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#939899 by chris9642
28 Nov 2017, 01:00
After years of complaining to Virgin every time I fly Upper from MIA about the state of concourse F (why cant they use Delta terminal) - I was totally surprised this evening to walk in to find the lounge in the midst of a refurb and of course its by no means a great lounge but actually the new furniture, walls, carpets and music actually make a fairly decent place to sit vs the main departure area. Food options are still dire and I'm currently drinking Gin from a pint glass as they've ran out of all other glass sizes ;)

I swore never to fly VS again from Miami unless I absolutely had no choice - especially after trying out American's new Flagship lounge in the adjacent terminal on a departure last week (Bollinger on tap) - but this is a much needed improvement from a very low base.

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