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#939625 by CommanderB
17 Nov 2017, 02:05
Good evening from the SEA Sky Club folks!

I arrived on VS105 this evening and connecting to another DL flight.

There are two sky clubs in SEA, a smaller one in the S Gates area, above S9 and the big one in the main terminal between A and B gates.

I ended up in the S gates one first, pretty much by accident - but at least I got to check it out. Access was interesting... the lounge angel asked for my Gold card (which I don't carry), as they apparently cannot scan VS boarding passes in their system? A little manual verification and a check of the rules, and it was all sorted. Pretty small place - space for 200 or so people. Very quiet at this time, only 10 others in there. A serviced bar, with the usual snacks and what looks to be a soup option.

I took the train over to the main terminal to sample the main Sky Club. See Delta's marketing on it here - ... -amenities

I am dispensing with the usual pictures as the video already shows a lot, and its quite busy - so i'd feel a little rude.

Wifi is useable but not great - 2mb up/down. DXB still holds the record here.

I think the main thing about this lounge is the people... the staff are all amazing. The natural light is great too... its LGW clubhouse on steroids when it comes to how airy it is. There are plenty of different seating areas. Lots of places to sit and charge laptops. Almost all seats have power neat to them. There are chill out sofa style areas upstairs and even a couple of boardroom style desks too for those who like to do business in open lounges...

Food options are not as plentiful as I hoped. Some salad, pasta, clam chowder, soup - but not enough for a full meal like the Clubhouse. Plus the usual popcorn, nuts, crisps. I will be going elsewhere for a proper meal shortly.

The bar is serviced, as always in US lounges, but soft drinks are self service. There is some whiskey tasting going on at a stand in front of the bar area (not sure if thats regular or not, but it looks like its some kind of promotion).

Overall, feeling very underwhelmed really. Its probably very good by US lounge standards, but by Clubhouse standards its just not that special to be honest.

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