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#936025 by ColOrd
17 Jun 2017, 13:47
Hey guys bit of advise please.

We are onthe 128 tomorrow back to Manchester from JFK.

Flight is due to depart 2130.

Ideally we wanna get to the airport for 3. Do bag drop and be in the CH for 4.

Obviously you can check in as early as you want at LHR is the same true for JFK?
#936027 by David
17 Jun 2017, 15:17
If your flying upper, You use the Delta / Virgin Delta One / Upper Class check in situated to the right hand side of the check in area that will be manned all day.

Having spent 3 hours in the JFK clubhouse last year, I'd be wary about spending 4.

However as always , YMMV

#936028 by CommanderB
17 Jun 2017, 16:16
Pretty much what David said really.

The DL One desks are manned constantly. There is usually a few Virgin staff around too, even quite early on.

That is quite a significant amount of time to spend in the clubhouse. The longest I have done is 4 hours, and it was getting boring by the end of it (but I was catching up on emails etc).

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