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#936017 by shaneg17
17 Jun 2017, 11:23
A few questions for the seasoned people on here please

1) Do VS have cars for airport journeys capable of holding 5 passengers with maybe 3/4 bags?

2) Can i use miles / points to book this service if my UC ticket isn't in the right band?

3) If the answer to the above q's are 'yes' how do I go about it and any idea of the likely cost?


#936023 by Sealink
17 Jun 2017, 13:03
1. Yes - they will allocate a car based on your party size

2. I think you can only use miles if your ticket used miles.
#936026 by Vegascrazy
17 Jun 2017, 14:31
You can if you wish book direct with Tristar (the same company VS use) and they'll whisk you to drive through check in (if you're using Heathrow). We've used Tristar a lot and they've tended to cost only a bit more than if we'd used our local taxi firm!

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