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#936007 by chriski
16 Jun 2017, 11:15
Travelling to AGP this morning BACE/ BA2712 departing 06:15
The lounge does not open until 05:15 and as there are a few flights early AM departure there was a large queue at the lounge entrance.
By the time I got into the lounge ( which was disappointing from what I saw) it was time to leave.

I am sure the opening was previously 04:00 so what happened ?
Realistically, anyone on the first flights will not now be able to use the lounge.

To ad insult, the 2712 ran out of breakfasts in the CE cabin. Excuse was that they didn't expect everyone to indulge.

So, no time for a bacon roll in the lounge and no supplies on board.

Shame on BA for another disasterous cost saving initiative.

Under these circumstances the CW offering on this flight is not fit for purpose and BA should offer refunds.
#936009 by ken54
16 Jun 2017, 13:13
I do agree the lounge opening time should be 4 am but to run out of breakfast in inexcusable, BA know how many people in each class. ALEX CRUZ knows how to run an Airline into the GROUND
#936014 by gumshoe
16 Jun 2017, 17:08
chriski wrote:Under these circumstances the CW offering on this flight is not fit for purpose and BA should offer refunds.

Good luck with that. Ultimately BA fulfilled their contract with you by getting you from A to B in the cabin you paid for, so absolutely no refund due.

Did they run out of all food in CE, or just the option you wanted? Because I doubt there's an airline flying today that loads enough of every option to guarantee every passenger gets their first choice.

But there should be enough food to ensure everyone gets something; if not you should definitely complain although don't expect much more than a cut & paste apology and 5,000 Avios.

As for the LGW lounge - it's certainly no Clubhouse (even the flagship Concorde Room at LHR doesn't come close IMHO) but it's probably the nicest Club lounge BA has.

Should it open earlier? Maybe at 5 or just before but hardly anyone turns up at 4am for a 6.15 short haul flight and presumably BA consider it's not viable to open the lounge an hour earlier for the few who do.
#936016 by chriski
16 Jun 2017, 18:16
Thanks Gumshoe.

The option they ran out of was breakfast in the CE cabin.

I see where you are coming from regarding opening time but with flights departing at 06:00 and the advice to arrive at the airport 2 hours before your flight this does not make sense.
The LGW VS Clubhouse opens at 07:00, 2 hours before the first flight.
No 1 Lounge opens at 04:00

Didn't want or miss the door, it's just the principle really

I would not waste my time complaining to BA or any other airline.
#936030 by dickydotcom
18 Jun 2017, 07:06
I can't speak for BA but on Virgin I got 4000 miles allocated on board for not getting the salmon starter I ordered.
I had a very tasty pasta instead.
It's definitely worth a letter. I would write one expressing my disappointment and see where it goes.

Dick D
#936070 by stuart_f
20 Jun 2017, 08:53
BA's recent line on this is that food in CE/CW is "complimentary" and therefore no compensation is due if you don't get any.

It's quite a staggering position to take with your premium passengers but that's what they have been saying.
#936071 by chriski
20 Jun 2017, 09:17
Such a shame that a once great global brand has to end this way.

I don't see what BA now offer that sets them apart from the budget airlines and although I never thought I would say this I will consider easy jet /No 1 lounge ( which opens at 04:00)
#936072 by gumshoe
20 Jun 2017, 09:23
I think what they're trying (badly) to say is legally, all they're contracted to do is get you from A to B safely and on time in the cabin you booked. If they fail to do that you're entitled to compensation under EC261/2004.

Anything else - e.g. IFE, food - is a service issue but they argue it doesn't form part of their contract with you so you can't seek redress legally if they fail to provide it.

That doesn't mean they won't make a goodwill gesture if you complain though.
#936073 by tontybear
20 Jun 2017, 12:30
chriski wrote:( which was disappointing from what I saw)


The LGW lounge is one of BA's newest only opening in January!

You can't have got very far into it as it's very light and airy once you get past the first seating / drinks area with large windows overlooking the apron / runway.

As far as I can tell from previous posts the old LGW N lounge didn't open until 5AM (the same times as LHR lounges)

BA won't give you a partial refund. They might toss some small amount of avios you way of you complain directly to them but that's all.

BTW VS also used to say food and IFE wern't contractual either!
#936076 by ken54
20 Jun 2017, 14:16
It is sad to see what ALEX CRUZ and WILLIAM M.WALSH are doing to BRITISH AIRWAYS I don't think either could run a bath let alone an Airline
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