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#935918 by lovetoholiday
11 Jun 2017, 17:30
Hi all
We returned from DXB yesterday on VS 401 . Had an amazing holiday at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray . Ramadan did not affect our stay , in fact it meant lots of places were not busy so it did not put us off going again during Ramadan.
We now have just over 6 weeks to go until our NYC trip.
Reason for my post is that our 9 year old suffers from air sickness and travelling in UC doesn't seem a good idea anymore. We flew back PE in the end yesterday so that I could sit next to him. His suffering was compounded by circling over London and then landing was aborted at the last second and we had to circle again.
So either we need to change our flights to JFK to PE or I was wondering whether Delta would be a better option ? Does their business class option have side by side seats, and are they available using FC miles ?
We have tried various meds - Dramamine etc but they don't always work.

Any advice much appreciated as our son is already concerned!

#935919 by gumshoe
11 Jun 2017, 18:39
I have come to the conclusion that, since the devaluation of Flying Club and the demise of cheap ex-DUB fares, UC is a waste of money/miles on the VS short hops.

London to New York is only 7 hours. Go PE (or even Y) and spend the savings while you're over there - or even better on another trip!
#935924 by pjh
11 Jun 2017, 21:39
gumshoe wrote:I have come to the conclusion that, since the devaluation of Flying Club and the demise of cheap ex-DUB fares, UC is a waste of money/miles on the VS short hops.

London to New York is only 7 hours. Go PE (or even Y) and spend the savings while you're over there - or even better on another trip!

As a non status passenger with a CH addiction I disagree :).
#935925 by lovetoholiday
11 Jun 2017, 22:11
Me too , love the CH. a quick trip out to the 'public' areas is a short sharp reminder of what a haven it is :blush:
We will consider PE but Mr L2H is about to lose his gold status so keen to travel UC for the perks.
Will ring FC tmrw and see if there is availability with DL and will then decide. I've been looking at trip reports and the DL product looks decent.
#935926 by tontybear
12 Jun 2017, 07:03
DL flights are available using FC miles - bookable via FC - but in DeltaOne most seats are individual pods and IIRC none are side by side which may not help you and your son.
#935929 by lovetoholiday
12 Jun 2017, 09:19
Thanks all, will call them today and see what can be done :-)
#935932 by DoomWolf
12 Jun 2017, 11:48
Some Delta flights from LHR (e.g. Philadelphia) are operated by narrow body 757 where DeltaOne seats are arranged 2-2.
#935934 by Hev60
12 Jun 2017, 17:26
SlimpyJones wrote:DeltaOne is arranged in a 1-2-1 layout on LHR flights, so there are some side-by-side ones :)

Lovetoholiday, firstly I sympathise with you 100% having a passenger with air sickness. My poor granddaughter has also had awful journeys over the years in all the cabin classes. On my last trip with her, she literally was unwell from takeoff at Boston and until we landed at LHR. She is now 20years old, so sadly it doesn't get any easier! When in UC, we felt totally helpless whilst the seat belt sign was on and the poor kid was throwing up. So I again I can empathise.

I have travelled in those Delta One business seats. The 767-300 does in fact have two middle seats but they are actually situated so as not to feel side by side and in order to talk to your travel companion you have to lean forward. There is a big curve in the centre separating the two seats, so it is not the same as sitting in PE (but obviously DeltaOne seats offer more comfort and space).

You have probably got to compromise to help your poor son, so giving up a couple of hours in the CH will be nothing compared to being able to physically sitting next to him offering comfort and support. Poor little mite. Also you might be able to 'purchase' entry to the CH with the money you'll be saving!!
#935948 by Christo
13 Jun 2017, 13:58
Have you ever tried Cinnarizine?

You can get it over the counter, branded in the UK as 'Stugeron'.

From memory you start taking it 12 hours before travel and you then continue to take periodically. By taking it before travel it can take effect before any feelings of nausea begin. Also likely a good psychosomatic effect for a 9yr old of feeling 'prepared' or 'protected' against possible sickness before it happens.

I've never personally had air sickness but have used it frequently for offshore yacht-racing and myself and countless other crew members absolutely swear by it!
#935950 by DoomWolf
13 Jun 2017, 16:10
Stugeron has been my saviour ever since I discovered it for travelling when I was around 11 or 12. Up until then I suffered from terrible travel sickness in cars, planes and boats. I've never suffered once after taking Stugeron, even on ferries in rough sea. Yet the few times I've forgotten them, I was terribly ill again.

According to Wikipedia, it's one of the most used drugs for sea-sickness in the Royal Navy.

One tip (from a cabin crew member many years ago) is that the quickest way for it to take effect is if you chew the tablet before swallowing. That way it takes effect in around 15 minutes. I now don't take them until I've boarded and am sitting waiting for push back.

I do find it odd, however, that you can't buy them (or any cinnarizine product) in the US or Canada. The US sometimes has some oddities in terms of medicines. You can't buy Chloramphenicol drops for conjunctivitis (much to my annoyance in New York last December), nor Pholcodine for coughs (classified alongside heroin!).
#935962 by lovetoholiday
14 Jun 2017, 11:28

Thanks for the tip, funnily enough I was chatting with our local pharmacist yesterday and Sturgeon (is is also a fish?!?) was one of the products he suggested so will definitely try that.
We have now switched our flights to Delta One - our return date was not available so we are staying 2 extra nights in NYC - bonus !!!
The Delta One product looks great, maybe not as 'sexy' as UC but looking forward to trying it out.

Thanks again everyone :cool:
#935963 by CommanderB
14 Jun 2017, 13:30
Technically Delta One is a much newer product. So I'd hope its actually better. I predict UC will eventually end up very very similar ;-)
#935964 by Sealink
14 Jun 2017, 14:28
I thought the food on DL was excellent compared to most other airlines I've tried.
#935965 by SlimpyJones
14 Jun 2017, 14:49
I thought so too. Quality-wise I thought they were matched with VS but oh boy do they feed you up good.
#935967 by Snora
14 Jun 2017, 16:50
Stugeron all the way for me too ! always take it prior to long haul. It does make you relaxed and the first night's sleep on holiday is always a deep one - no bad thing. I recommended to my step daughter who had a horrific journey to NZ once - sick most of the way to the point that crew had her lying down with oxygen at the ready. She recently flew to India, took Stugeron and had a breeze of a flight.
#935968 by mallin
14 Jun 2017, 18:42
My husband takes it as well as from a child he would throw up in cars, ferries etc. he has high blood pressure tablets to take and it was the one the chemist recommended . By the way he is 65 this year so still will not take the risk of not taking anything, he also cannot be driven by anyone else.Linda >-(
#935987 by lovetoholiday
15 Jun 2017, 11:44
Thanks again all, very useful info on the tablets and the food on Delta - we love our food so this i great news :-)
Feel much more relaxed about the whole trip and can now start planning the itinerary - any NYC tips greatly appreciated, especially family friendly places.
Although our 9 year old is very mature and just like mummy likes nice things, places etc :blush:
#935991 by DoomWolf
15 Jun 2017, 18:52
A 9 year old may enjoy the USS Intrepid museum. It certainly brought out the 9 year old in me. :-D

It's a former US Navy aircraft carrier with a collection of military and other aircraft including a SR-71 Blackbird spy plane (unfortunately covered in snow when we were there in December) and a BA Concorde. The centrepiece of their collection is the space shuttle Enterprise.
#936004 by lovetoholiday
16 Jun 2017, 10:41
Thanks DoomWolf, useful information and I'm sure we would all enjoy this. Already seen one of the space shuttles in LA , could add another to the list :-D
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