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#935921 by YoungTraveller
11 Jun 2017, 21:01
YoungTraveller wrote:First flight on the 747 UC MAN -> MCO... Think I'm on Tinkerbell as I don't think there's a bar onboard! Gutted...

Update: it was Tinkerbelle! Can see where the comments come from, quite dated and lack of bar is less fun. Although I can also see how the bar would be quite impersonal and too open to enjoy much.

IFE is annoying using a remote, content wasn't too bad but I did instinctively try to touch it pretty much every single time...
#935992 by muppster
15 Jun 2017, 20:49
Flew out to MCO on VBIG a couple of weeks ago.....yes she is definitely looking tired. We were only in PE mind you, front row of the bubble. VBIG does not have touchscreen IFE and my handset didn't work very well, was offered an IPad though! It also didn't have air vents above your head, the nearest ones were behind your head!! And the side cupboards weren't there, although I get the idea that they have been converted to cupboards on other aircraft but not on this one. (or am I not correct?)

Flew back on VROY, much better with all the above mentioned "benefits"! First time in the bubble in PE so the differences were noticeable.

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