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#930978 by Smid
06 Jan 2017, 14:17
I'm arming myself with information after the first flight I've booked with VS for a couple of years was rebooked....

What I had was a Boston flight, VS11 at 13:05 in Upper, on Friday the 18th of August.

What they've done is booked me on the VS11 at 17:25 on the day before.

However, the flight I was on still exists and has been moved forward from 13:05 to 17:25 that day.

So what the automated system seems to be doing is to automatically rebook to go back a day, rather than to be on the retimed flight on the same day. I'm hoping a phonecall to them should get me back onto that flight. Arguments about no reward seats left should be moot, we were the reward seats on that flight originally....

Worst comes to worse, I can bear with the day move, but in reality, I'd much prefer to be on that day of the flight at the newer time. Indeed, more time in the clubhouse (though less novel now, having tried GC, GF, CCR, Qantas First lounge LAX, Qantas First lounge Sydney, CX First Pier Hong Kong, QR J lounge Doha, but Clubhouse still holds my heart).

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