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#897591 by Bretty
04 Mar 2015, 17:19
Does Ryan Air count? :0 :w

I just noticed I got SEQ 1 and 2 for a Ryan Air flight from BRE-STN next Monday.

I shan't bother with yipppeees or happy dances :|
#899694 by pjh
30 Mar 2015, 14:08
Curses ! Despite being in constant refresh mode, only managed 3 and 4 for tomorrow's VS45.....but still in 12A & K which whoever got 1 and 2 aren't.....
#900605 by Bretty
09 Apr 2015, 23:21
I managed to get SEQ1 "by accident" for my flight with ANA to Tokyo tomorrow. Having filled in all my pax info a while ago ANA then automatically checks you in and emails you when check in opens. So opened my email to see boarding pass and behold... SEQ1.

How silly is it that I find this strangely satisfying?
Roll on tomorrow :) y)
#900606 by pjh
09 Apr 2015, 23:30
Bretty wrote:Roll on tomorrow :) y)

Indeed. Have the most fun possible.
#900609 by Bretty
09 Apr 2015, 23:46
Oh I think I can manage that ;)
#900791 by ScoobySu
12 Apr 2015, 15:58
Despite my best efforts only managed Seq 2 & 3 for tomorrow's VS023 :| I suppose I'd better start packing them ....
#905203 by Hev60
11 Jun 2015, 17:43
joeyc wrote:Despite hitting OLCI at T-24 earlier I have somehow been relegated to a pathetic SEQ67.... n( n(

That's either a lot of transfer pax or a plane full of eager FFs with internet connections faster than mine ii)

Oh dear that's not good and as you say pretty pathetic ii)

I got better than that in April after having to wait over three hours coz OLCI seemed to be down each time I checked. Try harder for the return trip :o)
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