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#936058 by NYLON
19 Jun 2017, 14:57
[EDIT: these have now been claimed, thanks everyone!]

I've just found these, and I realize they will expire at the end of August. I have little use for them, as I & OH are Au.

Might anyone want them? I'm in NYC, so ideally you'll be based in the US and already a member of FC with flights booked before 31 August, but without CH access. I can then fill these out with your information and send these to you in the next two days before I leave the city for summer.

I attach the quite detailed T&C here, please read them and make sure you're eligible:
20170619_094215.jpg (263.04 KiB) Viewed 494 times

To be clear: I am not looking to be paid for these; I'm very happy to give them away.

PM me if interested, thanks. I'll update the posting when I've sent these off.

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