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#936039 by Sealink
18 Jun 2017, 13:09
Boston bound!

Used drive through check in which was amazing, as usual (despite a painfully long journey due to traffic issues on M3) and now in the bosom of the Clubhouse.

It's busy, but we still had a choice of seats.

The new area where the jacuzzi used to be is now open, will try and get a pic for the inevitable trip report.
#936047 by ColOrd
18 Jun 2017, 20:51
Have a great trip Sealinlk!

Waving back at you from the JFK CH!
#936060 by Sealink
19 Jun 2017, 15:55
Flight was excellent.
Now that I have a critical mass of flights to compare - VS are head and shoulders better than BA when it comes to staff and the consistency of the experience.

BA still struggle to get it consistently right.
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