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#915324 by CaptainCraig
04 Jan 2016, 23:47

I have never traveled PE or in the bubble before with Virgin so would like some advice.

I am a larger gentlemen, I don't require a seat belt extender or two seats and fit into the Economy Seats just fine. I am just wanting to know how much room, space and how adjustable the Seat Trays are in PE on the LGW 747 in the bubble.

Can i move them, adjust them or does it pop out and stay in its position??

Is it OK to hold a laptop on these tables with weight?

Look forward to your comments.

#915333 by mitchja
05 Jan 2016, 01:26
On all Premium Economy seats, the table is stored in the arm-rest. You lift up the armrest, pull the table out. It starts off folded in half and so can be a smaller 'cocktail tray'. Once out and flat, the tray also slides forwards and backwards (either closer to you or further away). You can unfold the tray to then extend all the way across to the other arm-rest for eating a meal etc.

If the seat is behaving properly, the table should reach and rest on the other arm-rest. If though you are unfortunate enough to get a Premium Economy seat that isn't behaving (like I did on G-VGBR in 19C) then the table won't reach all the way across and means you have to support it using your knee whilst eating.

Yes, it's more than capable of supporting a lap-top in both the folded cocktail tray mode or when in fully functioning table mode.

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