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#914705 by nkp85uk
23 Dec 2015, 15:40
Considering splashing some VS miles on a tristar CDC. Having looked on VS's own website I dont seem to be able to answer my question...
Could anyone with experience of this confirm if the 17.5k miles is per car or per person?
Thanks in advance, N
#914721 by gumshoe
23 Dec 2015, 18:56
It's only worth doing if you're seriously miles rich and have no other way of using them.

If you value miles at 1p each that's £175 for a glorified taxi which is not a good deal.

If it were me I'd save the miles for a reward flight or an upgrade.
#914754 by nkp85uk
24 Dec 2015, 14:48
Thanks for your replies. Took me a while to find this post again, not sure how I managed to leave it in the Geeks forum.
Thanks for the input, Gumshoe you're absolutely right - two return journeys are going to cost 70k miles and I can think of much better ways to spend them!
Happy Christmas to all :)
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