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#868507 by Bretty
15 Mar 2014, 12:06
gfonk wrote:
Bretty wrote:Well I'm scratching my head here, I didn't think my post had loaded. Just as I hit the submit button the bleedin' train went into a tunnel and my signal dropped :(! and after that I couldn't really get it back sufficiently to surf the site anymore!! (I was crossing the Pennines en-route to Manchester / Michael Bublé gig).

Anyway, I've never yet had the pleasure of flying on a 747 so I do hope I will one day. They look awesome certainly, and very spacious, "compact and bijou".

Michael Buble gig niiiice
I too stumbled across this on iPlayer
Found it really cool actually and amazed at how Boeing built that massive factory and staked a lot on the whole thing but at the same time almost sabotaging themselves with the supersonic project.
I wonder if we will ever see supersonic travel on our lifetime since they grounded the concord
Bretty you gotta get on a 747 lol

I'm certainly planning to fly on a 747 now. Thinking about NYC next year for a little tripette, maybe SFO if I can persuade 'im indoors lol ):

Bublé gig was fab. I wasn't a fan before, I liked his stuff but wouldn't call myself a fan. Think I'm a convert now, he rocked the stage with such energy. Great night out.

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