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#866531 by craigmonster
15 Feb 2014, 10:46
Flew back on VS12 Thursday night, managed to escape a snowy Boston.

Quite bumpy, I guess riding the Jet Stream for most if not all of the way.

We managed a flight time of 5:38, quickest ever, although not our first sub 6 hour.
Anyone managed it quicker?

We would've preferred slower and smoother to be fair! :$
I spotted an indicated ground speed of 705mph! Jet Stream at 150mph+?


#866533 by slinky09
15 Feb 2014, 12:14
1,134 kph is pretty impressive. I can't recall observing over 1,100 kph before!
#866538 by craigmonster
15 Feb 2014, 13:13
I recall the route map looking pretty 'flat' across the atlantic compared to previous experiences.

And VS11 was into BOS slightly late and we had to be de-iced so I guess the flight crew had the option to use slightly more fuel and adjust the route.

As it happened, we were only around 45 minutes behind when we landed.

Would've got a snap of the onboard map but iPhone and camera were safely stowed overhead!
#866543 by Smudge the Cat
15 Feb 2014, 13:52
Back last year, hit an indicated 750mph ground speed about 1 hour after take off, the flight time was announced to be 5hrs 10, but the elapse was closer to 5:30 due to being stuck in the hold at Heathrow for about 15-20 mins
#867009 by jwhite9185
23 Feb 2014, 10:53
My flight out of JFK on New Years eve was 5h50 on a 77W. Although having to hold at LHR for 45 minutes or so due to arriving in the London area 90 mins early bumped our time up.
#867012 by RyanJW
23 Feb 2014, 13:20
I got 9:45mins from SFO>LHR on Wednesday which was pretty quick.

I was chatting to a A340 VS pilot once and he mention that cause of the fuel burn, pilots will always take the shortest and more efficient route. Regardless of if it's a bit bumpy!
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