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#824443 by Mandy Hall
20 Sep 2012, 10:02
Just wondering ...

Which runway does the 21 routinely use at Dulles (or is it decided on the day)? I'm just trying to work out if I will be able to see it coming in from the observation tower at Udvar- Harzy. I know that you can see the planes really well coming into one runway but the other one is much more distant ...

My plan is to watch it coming in and then head over to Dulles (it took less than 10 minutes the last time I was there) to bag drop and thence to Lounge...

Thanks :)

Mandy H
#824446 by Kraken
20 Sep 2012, 10:25
The runway(s) in use at any airport on any particular day normally depend on the weather / prevailing winds. Aircraft like to take-off and land into the wind (or as close to it) as possible.
#824449 by joeyc
20 Sep 2012, 10:57
Yep, as Kraken says it varies dependent on a variety of factors. Flight radar should tell you roughly where it is though so you can grab the binoculars.. :P

Enjoy the flight and the IAD CH y) y)
#825995 by Laphroaig
04 Oct 2012, 21:55
How about .... Get in the lounge and just checks its arrival on And have a bevy. Whilst waiting... Far less stress !
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