#938784 by Patricia A
29 Sep 2017, 22:49
Hello All
i am a new member,having joined this evening, although I have visited as a guest from time to time and noticed how friendly and helpful everyone seems.
Myself and my other half love to travel but are not frequent flyers. We now have the opportunity to go and visit friends living in New York. We actually have 60,000 miles between and want to use these . I have been on here before and seen people talking about "checking every day" in order to buy tickets and/or get upgrades.

Could someone kindly explain to me the process for buying a ticket in say Economy and checking for the opportunity to upgrade to PE for example, where does one check etc.
Please excuse my ignorance and thank you.
#938787 by buns
30 Sep 2017, 06:42
Hi and welcome to V Flyer

The most important things to note are that when you book your original ticket, if it is not an upgradable fare, you will have to pay the cost of upgrading the fare as well as any additional taxes.

New York tends to have good reward availability, unlike trying to get to Orlando ;-)

#938789 by mitchja
30 Sep 2017, 06:53
Another welcome from me as well :)

Once you have booked your upgradable fare; for economy that’s any fare other than the very lowest N, O or V fares (details about which fares you can upgrade using miles can be found here) you then do a dummy reward flight booking using the VS website once you have logged into your Flying Club account.

From the booking page, select ‘pay with miles’ in the payment section, expand the ‘show advanced options’ and then select ‘Upper Class’ or ‘Premium Economy’ in the Booking Class section.

If there is a full reward fare available on the dates you want, that also means you can upgrade from a revenue fare on that flight as well. You then just need to call VS Flying Club to make the booking.

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