#900085 by mikethe3rd
04 Apr 2015, 00:57

Not necessarily travel tech but you guys are good!

I have an amp (no internet access) in the living room which is connected to the TV, radio, AppleTV etc. Are there any products out there which would allow me to make whatever is going through the amp, also stream across the network so I could look at wireless speakers in other locations?

Thanks for your help,

#900112 by etk
04 Apr 2015, 09:53
Nkp is right, sonos will do exactly what you need. They do small units with built in speakers or a unit which will plug into an existing amp if that suits better. They are an excellent system, not the cheapest but really good quality and very reliable.
#900188 by Eggtastico
05 Apr 2015, 09:52
if you got an apple tv hooked up to your amp & you can play your amp through your apple TV, then maybe airport express can help you out. As you can set the Apple TV to go play through some other speakers.

Usually pick them up cheap enough on Ebay
#901812 by mikethe3rd
25 Apr 2015, 21:24
Thank you for taking the time to reply. I investigated Sonos earlier today and not sure I can justify the expense giving I just want the same music around the flat.

So, on the cheap (£60) I've imported a small FM transmitter which can take an Aux out of the amp.
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