#875706 by mitchja
16 Jun 2014, 08:56
Anyone flying VX (or other US based airlines that have GoGo in-flight internet access) can pre-pay / pre-order access before you fly at http://www.gogoair.com

There are several pre-pay passes available:

1hr - $5.00 (lasts up to 30 days from purchase date)
Smartphone only day pass - $8.00 (lasts up to 12 months from purchase date)
All day - $16.00 (lasts up to 12 months from purchase date)
3 Day pass - £36.00 (date range specific - check the website)
Airline specific unlimited - $49.95 (select your airline during the purchase)
Any airline unlimited - $59.95
(both the unlimited plans are monthly re-occurring unless you cancel)

All pre-paid plans do work out cheaper compared to paying on board (apparently).

You create an online account and purchase what you need. Once on-board, you log-in to your account via the WiFi access landing page and off you go.

Purchased 2 x day passes for my VX flights in a few weeks.

I'm also flying Alaska Airlines which also has GoGo installed, though the route I'm flying on uses aircraft that don't all have it installed so will buy those on-board if the aircraft are enabled.

GoGo is available on the following airlines on selected routes / aircraft:

Alaska Airlines
American Airlines
Delta Airlines
United Airlines
US Airways
Virgin America

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