#874371 by vizbiz
02 Jun 2014, 12:12
Travelling on a 340/600 on Friday to LA in UC (VS23) and I wanted to use my Dell laptop on the flight.

I've got a Dell Latitude E6520 and wanted to ask if anyone knows whether the empower adapters/cables (which is it btw, adapter or cable???) provided will work with my laptop?

And/Or... do I need to take my Dell AC power supply on-board with me, or does Empower provide the right DC volts straight into the laptop (I'm assuming I'd need to have my Dell power supply with me onboard?)? Getting confused and can't find any definitive info on this (other than VAA say they provide Empower compatible leads on the flight - but don't say what they connect to...)! ?|

Thanks very much...
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#874373 by Hamster
02 Jun 2014, 12:34
Where have you read that they supply the leads? I had thought that they had stopped providing them to save weight? They do have a few empower to USB cables still from what i have seen.

If you are desperate to use your laptop and to provide power to it, you would need to buy your own empower cable that would be compatible with your laptop.
#874376 by vizbiz
02 Jun 2014, 12:44
The VAA web site says:

"EmPower® DC Power:

EmPower features 15V DC power at up to 75 watts per outlet, so you'll need an adapter that is compatible with EmPower.

The system has a power limit it can provide to a seat. Therefore, there may be occasions where a passengers device may draw more than the system is able to provide and will either work for a short period of time, or will not work at all.

If you don't have your own lead, our cabin crew have Kensington power leads you can borrow upon request.

Please note: The power leads we carry onboard support UK 3 pin plugs only."

It's not at all clear what "The power leads we carry..." are?
What do they connect to what? What is a "Kensington power lead"?
When they say "If you don't have your own power lead..." are they talking about a UK AC mains power lead? A lead from the DC out of the laptop power supply, or what?
#874401 by JCBR
02 Jun 2014, 14:26
You still need tour computer poet pack as you plug it into their adaptor in the same way you plug it into the wall.
Don't forget you need a UK plug on the end but if you are coming to the UK or UK based you will need one anyway.
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