#927259 by 2500julian
10 Oct 2016, 20:42
Hi, my wife and I flew PE both ways to Barbados last May. We have just returned from flying Upper Class both ways to Barbados. The miles for all flights show against my membership number but for my wife, only the most recent trip shows. Having complained to Virgin Flying Club, they have said that as we are past the 6 month deadline to claim for the first trip, there is nothing we can do. We have always flown Virgin to Barbados on numerous occasions and have never had to check and find missing miles before as they have always just been automatically added. Is there anything we can do to get these miles added as feeling slightly let down as we've paid a lot for our flights and would ideally one day like to use these to upgrade... as it stands, I will now always have more than my wife.... Thanks
#927261 by gumshoe
10 Oct 2016, 21:20
Was it an error on their part or yours (ie did you forget to assign your wife's FC number)?

If the former, you could try escalating it via a supervisor although you may still be out of luck as the website is very clear on the 6 month rule and it's up to you to check you've received the correct miles:

https://www.virgin-atlantic.com/en/gb/f ... king=false

If the latter, forget it I'm afraid.
#927262 by tontybear
10 Oct 2016, 21:28
I'm afraid there is nothing you can do.

It is down to us as individuals to check miles and TPs get posted and many of us a almost religious in checking they have posted within a few days of the flight and chasing up if they havn't
#927270 by dickydotcom
11 Oct 2016, 07:19
I have always found in these sort of situations that a very polite letter to someone high up the chain can work.
Include: loyal customers... never had to check before.... understand it is outside the time....very disappointed...
would love to stay with Virgin but am considering changing. Hope you can make an exception to the rule this time.

It's worth a try.

Dick D
#927385 by tontybear
14 Oct 2016, 02:08
Letters that say things like 'I am considering changing to another airline unless you do XXX for me' simply do not work.

Unless you are a passenger (or a company) that spends a considerable amount with VS then they won't care about any threat.

And a considerable amount = hundreds of thousands of pounds not a couple of flights a year.
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