#914031 by marshy11
04 Dec 2015, 12:21
Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the annoying pop up which tells me how many messages/comments etc. I keep click the defer button but it doesn't go away. It takes over the entire screen on a phone and nearly as much on the iPad.
#914032 by Neil
04 Dec 2015, 13:05
It is the new PM pop up you are getting?
You can adjust all your personal settings in the account setting which is located under the 'welcome marshy11' drop down on the right hand side of the page. There is a specific setting about pop up's for new PM's.

#914033 by marshy11
04 Dec 2015, 13:16
Thanks Neil, I have the PM pop up set to no.

I am getting a box on the rhs of my mac, across the centre of the iPad and in the entire screen of the iPhone. Even click 'defer' doesn't take it away for more than a second or two. Likewise, clicking the X doesn't remove it either.
Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 12.12.56.png
Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 12.12.56.png (20.58 KiB) Viewed 2681 times
#914039 by honey lamb
04 Dec 2015, 15:36
Marshy, the 12 comments it refers to are details of the flights you have just taken which have been repopulated from a feed from VS. I had them after my last flight. I can't remember whether I clicked into the number of comments or to my username but whichever it was, it got rid of it.

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