#859540 by Ghostrider 203
15 Oct 2013, 19:17
Hi just like to say I luv this site and the information you provide, but I have one small niggle. I'm booked on VS033 to Antigua on the 29th of October from Gatwick and my trip documentation states this is on board an Airbus A330, but your which aircraft section only states that this route uses Boeing 747 aircraft ?| as an avid aviation enthusiast I was hoping to use this section to find out what aircraft I would be flying on. Again great site y) .
Many Thanks Ghostrider 203 ( aka Andy )
#859543 by honey lamb
15 Oct 2013, 19:30
Hi Andy and welcome to V-Flyer

The information in the Which Aircraft section is historic. To find out which type of aircraft look in your Manage My Booking page on the VS website. You won't however find out exactly which aircraft you are on until the day of the flight for security reasons

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