#855703 by MedwayControl
27 Aug 2013, 13:01
Hi, what has happened to the wee blue marble map that comes up under your name when you hover over the plan icon? Is this a function that has been affected by the change of server earlier in the month or is everyone else still seeing this and it is just me that can't?

I love this feature. Cheers me up to see what I have planned!! 8D
#860816 by Martin
06 Nov 2013, 19:49
Does Pete know this is broken? I also like to see the little map and the lines. Little things please little minds I suppose :w
#860817 by hiljil
06 Nov 2013, 20:01
As usual , when something like this happens I always assume it is something to do with my computer or something I have done wrong. So delighted to know " I am not alone !"
#860850 by Pete
07 Nov 2013, 05:10
Actually, this one turned out to be an easy fix - thanks for the heads up (even though the wifi in the Air New Zealand lounge at LAX is soooo slow, making uploading the new file more of a challenge than squishing the bug!)
#860859 by gfonk
07 Nov 2013, 10:16
Thanks Pete
all fixed now
welcome back to blighty and look forward to your TR
will also order tags soon, promise.
#861019 by Blacky1
10 Nov 2013, 19:12
Sarastro wrote:Mine hasn't worked for months... still doesn't! I assumed that with ten long haul flights a month, I'd killed it....

Blimey you are a busy bee aren't you y)
#861146 by Pete
13 Nov 2013, 19:59
Probably more likely that Sarastro has an obscure airport code in the list that isn't in the database... I'll have a looky now.
#861150 by Pete
13 Nov 2013, 20:06
Problem identified. Sarastro is flying from BSL - Basel Mulhouse, which was in the database, but under the French ICO code of MLH. I've added another record for BSL so the map now works for him too ;-)
#861353 by Pete
18 Nov 2013, 19:27
Seems to be a little bit of both - DWC wasn't in the database (now is), but there's a secondary issue that I've had to escalate to the ISP for a quick fix...
#861447 by Pete
19 Nov 2013, 22:44
Thinking about it, I ought to write some code that skips a leg if it doesn't find the airport rather than fails the whole map (although I guess that means we'd probably never spot when there were gaps…)
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