#844520 by allymc316
23 Apr 2013, 20:37
Hi all,

I just want to say a big hello and thank you all for being so kind and answering my many...many questions.

I Joined this forum last year to get some information and keep up with the refits as I was going on my honeymoon last June. I have been lurking about in the depths of the big WWW reading all your posts and gathering a vast knowledge of Virgin information. So much so that the last time I booked my honeymoon with VS in PE the travel agent couldn't understand why we couldn't reserve our seats, this being my big moment I took the opportunity to educate her on the refits and how they affected the seating plans, this was much to the dismay of my wife to be and who on that date truly acknowledged my geeky aviation side. |:)

I have always had a keen interest in aviation but have only had the opportunity to fly with virgin twice in the last 5 years :| BUT I know have seen the light and after my PE trip last year I really like the Virgin product and it is my first choice when crossing the pond.

Anyway back to about me. I am an IT Analyst and have been for the past 7 years. Anyone needs any advice about computers PM me, all I request in return is a simple yet effective Clubhouse invite :P and if you have a spare, one for the wife too!!.....kidding ):

I just wanted to be polite and make a proper introduction so as not to be known as a troll with a large wooden spoon!

Thanks goes out to Pete and all the moderators of this site. Its quite the accomplishment! oo)

Looking forward to many years of active posting and becoming a regular in the community if you would be so kind as to accept me!

#844522 by Blacky1
23 Apr 2013, 20:53
Thanks for the post ,always nice to know a little bit about people on here ,there is a social coming up the end of may in London ,just a few drinks and a chance to meet v- flyers ,I don't think the venue has been finalised yet but keep an eye out
Blacky ( Richard)
#844523 by Neil
23 Apr 2013, 21:05
Glad you found and continue find the site a useful resource.
We have some very knowledgable, friendly, helpful and willing members, who help keep the site Pete created the #1 place for all Virgin and also general travel info, questions and queries.
#844524 by Decker
23 Apr 2013, 21:05
Indeed welcome aboard. You'll have to try harder than that though - Pete the site owner was involved in computer mags in the early Eighties and I coded my first program in the late '70s ;).
#844526 by waatp
23 Apr 2013, 21:39
Hello :D and welcome from me too ^)

Not been a member that long myself but the wealth of knowledge is incredible and the banter and friendship is wonderful and great fun!!

I am an accountant for my sins (much to the disgust of some!) and a pensions accountant at that!
#844539 by Miss G
23 Apr 2013, 23:02
Hi there, as a relative newcomer myself, I have to say this site is very welcoming and informative. Great to make your acquaintance.

Like Blacky, I always think it's great to find out a bit more about the people you chat with. Hope the ITing is going well!
#844551 by allymc316
24 Apr 2013, 11:29
Thanks very much for all your welcomes.

I live in NI so unfortunately more than likely wont be able to make it to the social this time, but maybe at some point I will be able to make an appearance.
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