#880238 by Neil
14 Aug 2014, 10:04
Yes, we have used MDE the last couple of trip.
Have you ordered your tickets through VH too? Have you actually received your tickets? You need to get a reference or ticket number and then you will be able to link your tickets.
#880239 by Fuzzy14
14 Aug 2014, 10:16
We used MDE extensively this year. You will have to go in and link the park tickets to each name. You'll need to do the same if you have a wristband and buy a Memory Maker.

Are you staying at a Disney property? If so you can pre-book fastpasses up to 60 days in advance. You will also receive your Magic Bands on arrival but you should receive your ticket numbers from VH before this. If you haven't make sure you do before the 60 days. You will be allowed to book up to 3 FP+ per day in advance, people don't like it taking the spontaneity out of the holiday but I liked it, you can also change the FP selections at any time so it's not really an issue just a bit of planning.

If you're not staying in a Disney hotel then you can still pre-book FP+ but only 30 days in advance. You'll have to buy Magic Bands if you want them but we were find with the 'paper' tickets (plastic card).
#880248 by WazneB
14 Aug 2014, 12:24
Yea staying at a Disney Property, I am just jumping the gun tbh as the booking appeared on MDE but no park tickets but my holiday is still over a year away lol, although I have already done my Wristband setup
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