#868946 by CHill710
23 Mar 2014, 23:32
I would say definitely EPCOT and the Magic Kingdom with Universal Studios and Islands Of Adventure.
#868948 by FLYERZ
23 Mar 2014, 23:53
Depends a lot on the ages of people going! But my top 5 would be Universal Studios, Magic Kingdom, Disney's Hollywood Studios, SeaWorld and if you can make it across to Tampa then Busch Garden's Tampa Bay is really worth it.

We went to Orlando a few years back and went to most of the parks! We were lucky to have three weeks in Florida so could spread park visits out. Even if you don't have a few weeks I would recommend spreading park visits out as much as you can and break it up with going to the beach/chilling out by the pool .etc
#868954 by gumshoe
24 Mar 2014, 06:00
If it's purely thrill rides you're after, Busch Gardens and Universal's Islands of Adventure win hands down for me.

But if you're looking more for atmosphere and overall attention to detail you can't beat Disney - everyone has to visit Magic Kingdom once in their life!
#868960 by Fuzzy14
24 Mar 2014, 11:59
They're all good, you can't make a wrong choice. People generally say Epcot and Seaworld are better than their expectations.

If it's your first trip to Florida then you won't be able to do them all. You're best to stick to a particular brand (ie Disney) and then get the unlimited season passes to come and go as you please.

As above, The Dibb is your friend.
#873123 by daviec1
19 May 2014, 16:46
Fortunate enough to have been going to the Land of Mouse for decades now, both as a child and now with my own children.

Personally, EPCOT is my favourite park of all. Cannot put any precise reason on it.

Magic Kingdom for the kids and, if you let yourself get into the makebelieve, adults too.

We always go down to Busch Gardens - something for everyone - get the all day dining deal - and eat out of step with regular meals (so get there, eat straight away, then lunch either early or late etc.)

If you do Busch Gardens you don;t need to do Animal Kingdom.

Universal - kids are just too young just now, but I used to love Islands of Adventure - not been since the Harry Potter stuff was added, but if that's your thing, you have to go.

Water parks - Wet n Wild is pretty exposed to sun, Blizzard Beach everything is white (so on both you WILL get nuked) - Typhoon lagoon is my favourite, although Sea World's Aquatica has some good slides.

Sea World is good for one trip - we tend not to go to it every year as VERY little changes (although the penguin encounter has just been completely revamped).

Other than that - Legoland probably not great for your age groups, but for kids, worthwhile.

Have fun!

BTW - best place to get your tickets - undercovertourist
#873156 by Mash Tattie
19 May 2014, 21:02
For the teenagers you cannot beat universal studios and islands of adventure they are a must. Seaworld has a couple of good roller coasters too.

Disney parks I would recommend Hollywood Studios and Epcot as they would appeal to the teenagers and a visit to Magic Kingdom is something that everyone should do at least once!

The disney water parks are awesome and my kids rate them very highly along with Aquatica and Wet and wild.

The problem is there is so much to do in Orlando but never enough time to fit it all in. So if your going for a fortnight it would be wise not to park it every day other wise you will all start to get really tired and It may ruin the experience so plan a few rest days.

I found orlandoattractions.com the cheapest website to buy park tickets.

Hope this helps and enjoy your vacation.
#873176 by marshy11
20 May 2014, 08:08
Teenagers must go to IOA and Universal Studios.

If you stay even for one night in an on-site hotel you get a fast pass key for the day you check in and day you leave. Well worth it if you can get their early, dump cases, use the fast pass key. Max it out for 48 hours, plus you are able to dip in and out of each park right up to closure.

We stayed at Loews Royal Pacific in their club rooms but they have three themed hotels and Hard Rock may suit teens more, although you can use all pools. A short walk to both parks etc all close enough for the teens to be given free range whilst you take it a tad easier in the pool! Club rooms give an excellent complimentary buffet and wine/beer early evening, the food offerings were superb and helped fill the void in our teens' stomach between lunch, snack and supper!
#874312 by VS075
01 Jun 2014, 14:38
Longy1912 wrote:Two adults two teenagers.

I echo the others in saying that Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure are the ones to go for in Orlando, along with Busch Gardens in Tampa if they are in to roller coasters. SeaWorld should appeal to all ages with a mixture of shows and rides.

The Disney parks tend to cater towards a younger audience, especially Magic Kingdom, though if Disney needs to be done then Epcot and Hollywood Studios should fit the bill.
#875205 by starquake
11 Jun 2014, 00:53
Personally I'm a big ride freak - Univeral and IOA is a 2 day thing for me and wife - she hates the big rides - so I end up riding them on single rider lines until we find something she likes. For us at least Universal is 2 days max. Disney we find we visit >10 days in parks - and we go in just for dinner in evenings at times. Just bear in mind parking at disney if staying off resort is now $18 a day!

We both prefer disney though - something about the ambience and more relaxed attitude - and the staff are superb in all the disney parks. We probably do it differently as a couple in our 30's to others though.

Highlights of the last trip were Kennedy Space Centre, and Animal Kingdom - I note no-one has mentioned that, it's a gem of a park in Disney - and we spent 3 days of the 14 for most of those days in AK looking at the animals on the trails and riding the safari at beginning, middle and end of day. As the Animals are live it's different every time - the highlight was seeing the pride of lions stood on their rock in a very lion king way, and being stopped by white rhinos on the trail several times. I've been to Busch gardens, but Animal Kingdom we prefer.

The other highlight for us was doing the behind the scenes tour of epcots greenhouses with a horticulture student.
#875211 by buns
11 Jun 2014, 06:07
Having just got back from Florida and visiting the Theme Parks after a gap of some years, all i will say is that you need to consider "R&R" days.

The Parks have far more in them these days and with factoring in queuing, it would not go amiss to have a day or two arouind the pool - or dare i suggest Shopping ): ):

#875296 by starquake
11 Jun 2014, 19:06
buns wrote:Having just got back from Florida and visiting the Theme Parks after a gap of some years, all i will say is that you need to consider "R&R" days.

Totally agree - thats why we have days by the pool or shopping. We tend to go into parks/resorts to eat dinner though - Epcot is very good for that in early evening.

But I think on last 2 week break we had 3 days where we didn't touch a themepark at all.

It is crazyness to consider doing all of Florida in 2 weeks - 3 weeks even is a push. My first trip was 3 weeks, and we needed a holiday after the holiday - that covered Seaworld, Universal, Busch, Discover Cover, Disney - it all. No wonder knackered in hind site.

Top tip is rely on fact you can't do everything and plan to that, to do disney and visit everythign ticket covers, allow 7-8 days alone, then some rest, then maybe one other item if you lucky.
#875298 by stevebrass
11 Jun 2014, 19:34
buns wrote:Having just got back from Florida and visiting the Theme Parks after a gap of some years, all i will say is that you need to consider "R&R" days.

The Parks have far more in them these days and with factoring in queuing, it would not go amiss to have a day or two arouind the pool - or dare i suggest Shopping ): ):


In this forum we do not use the "S" word! v(
#875313 by holidaygill
11 Jun 2014, 20:19
We visited all the Disney Parks, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Seaworld, Aquatica & Discovery Cove..If you asked all 4 of us the best parks were Discovery Cove & Universal.. Discovery Cove is expensive but worth every penny. It was an amazing chill day after all the energetic parks.
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