#866873 by NewFlier
20 Feb 2014, 10:18
I've read through a few other threads but couldn't find a suitable answer.

My question is this:

I am looking to go to Orlando for two weeks next year. During that visit two adults would like to visit:

Not sure what park as I thought it was just one big park :/
Adults don't like rollercoasters and probably wouldn't go on any rides / very few.

However all I can see on the Disney website is their 9-day pass, which may be useful but at £278 each then I would be happer with a 3 or 4 day pass at most, and hopefully cheaper.

+ busch gardens: $99

Universal Studios
I think both parks because we'd like to visit Harry Potter world but many of the other sections we'd like to visit are on the other park.
$147 (for 2-day to go in to both parks)

Kennedy Space Centre
Tickets: $50

However, how/where is best to get tickets for this lot? We don't mind booking specific days if that's cheaper.

So we're going to be paying the best part of £800 for both of us to go to all these places, is that about right?

Unless there is a one-stop website that can vendor all these tickets for us?

Any help would be MOST appreciated.
#866878 by CHill710
20 Feb 2014, 11:30
hi and welcome to V-Flyer.

Disney World has four theme parks two water parks and downtown disney,
these parks are
the Magic Kingdom, the main disney park similar to disneyland in California or Paris.
EPCOT. (experimental prototype city of tomorrow) a park based on science and World Showcase with little representations of countries around the world.
Disney's Hollywood Studios. based on a film studio type of park.
Disneys Animal Kingdom where you can go on safari around the african savannah

Universal Studios as you say has two parks. i would recommend a park hopper here as Harry Potter is being expanded in to Universal Studios (London Diagon Alley) with a train connecting to Islands Of Adventure where the current Hogsmead/hogwarts section is located.

details of the expansion are Here

if you are booking a package your travel agent may be able to get tickets for you otherwise sites like undercover tourist can supply tickets or of course you can get tickets on the websites for the parks

Disney Workd tickets
Universal Orlando tickets
Kennedy Space Centre tickets
#866883 by NewFlier
20 Feb 2014, 13:10
Thanks for the reply.

I looked on those websites and Undercover Tourist looks like what I need. I found a couple of others but they do 7+ day Disney tickets, which I don't think we will need.
The price on Undercover Tourist comes in at just over $1000, which is less than individual.

Our hotel is on a timeshare so no need to worry about that. I can get cheap flights through a work scheme so it's just attraction tickets.
#866904 by NewFlier
21 Feb 2014, 08:42
That website looked good but they have a severe limit on the Disney tickets as I only need 3 days for three different parks, one per day (£279 on attraction-tickets-direct / £166 on UndercoverTourist).

I know people say you can't get round them all in one day, I don't plan to, but we have other stuff to do.

However, it might be better for other tickets. I will have to look nearer the time as I'm not going until June 2015, so I guess I can't buy them now?
#867141 by starquake
24 Feb 2014, 22:24
Orlando ticket deals are who I normally use for tickets. Similar prices to ATD but tickets in my hands in a couple of days is a key advantage. Fast and real tickets not vouchers even for Kennedy. I think you'll be surprised at how much you use disney based on our last trip. We had 3 days in animal kingdom on its own. The zoo / animal walks are excellent as is the actual safari they do. I would also recommend the 20 dollar extra cost tour about hydroponics and gardening at Epcot at the living with land pavilion. It's not all big rides at Disney. Mostly sit down slow things that are often informative we're most fun for us. Even on the day we went to Kennedy we went to disney in evening to relax!
#867144 by Luke12
24 Feb 2014, 22:31
Attraction Tickets Direct are very good - in terms of service and reliability, also you get the real tickets rather than vouchers that require exchange at Guest Services.

In terms of Disney, perhaps look at a 'Magic your way' (MYW) ticket. You can select the number of days required and add the park-hopper option if required. This will likely be a cheaper option with the 3 day pass just $291 (although pricing has recently increased) This website has more details http://www.mousesavers.com/regular-walt ... rices/#myw
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