#836565 by DocRo
01 Feb 2013, 01:56
Since I only trust V-Flyers, I must ask you all how to do Orlando.Family of 5 (tricky number I know) flying down from our usual Vermont summer paradise for 7 days in Orlando.
Reckon we need 2 days at Universal (thrill seeking Harry Potter fans 13 and 11), one day WDW (4 year old princess), Water park of some kind, Sea World and Cape Kennedy should take care of the week. Also in possession of a couple vegetarians, a wife who is mouse-dubious in all ways and Amex Platinum opportunities.
Help appreciated but reckoning on 2 nights in the Loews Portifino family suite and 5 more nights elsewhere where i dont need to drive for need of a cocktail or two. Hilton at WDW may work. Advice of where and how to buy tickets appreciated as well.
#836577 by DragonLady
01 Feb 2013, 03:42
My advice would be to cut your itinerary in half and have at least two days as lolling about days ( the water parks will be busy so don't plan on these being rest days), The parks are exhausting for adults ( never mind the kids)).Personally I'd consider a villa rental with a nice pool :) especially with 2 vegetarians to consider
Llike Mrs DocRo I thought I'd hate Orlando but I 've enjoyed the 4 trips I've made ( including an adults only 50th birthday trip).
#836581 by djy
01 Feb 2013, 08:44
Aquatica part of sea world caters for all ages. I always do theme park one day, rest the next day either pool or water park, then theme park gain. I agree cut down on your itinerary. Have a good time.
#836582 by Neil
01 Feb 2013, 08:49
While I am a massive fan of 'doing a villa' when in Orlando, and think that overall it would probably offer the best living arrangements, it does have it's downsides in the someone needs to drive every day and night, which might not suit what you want.

The Lowes Portofino is a really nice hotel, plus you get the added benefit of early entry one day in to IOA which will help with Potter and you get unlimited front of the line access, which could be very useful if you are heading down there in a busy period, and might mean you could get away with just one full day at the Universal parks!

The Hilton or Waldorf Astoria at LBV are situated right on the edge of Disney property, but offer free shuttle to the parks and are located well enough for all off site parks/activities.
#836583 by stevebrass
01 Feb 2013, 08:59
For a water park I would opt for Discovery Cove, bit of some of the party need more thrills then Blizzard beach/Typhoon Lagoon.
#836584 by Miss G
01 Feb 2013, 09:05
My other half is vegetarian, and he struggles to find much to eat in Florida, so I'm another fan of self catering.

Universal doesn't really need two days if you get there early enough, but I would recommend doing 1 day there, and 1 in Islands of Adventure.
#836599 by 747Rich
01 Feb 2013, 12:04
Agree with Neil, the Portofino, Waldorf Astoria and the adjoining Hilton are all really nice Hotels. The Hilton is cheaper than WA, but the good thing is you can you all the facilities at WA. The rooms are nicer at WA, but still a very good standard at Hilton. Plus the Hard Rock Hotel is good, especially for the younger members of your group.

We have a Villa in Orlando and usually now stay there. There are advantages to this in the fact you can please yourselves, have your own pool and normally a very spacious house. The downsides are you have to drive and you don't get your food cooked and beds made every day etc!!

Certainly would second having a rest day in between the parks!
#836653 by Ainswon
01 Feb 2013, 21:05
You mentioned where to buy tickets - I have always found Undercover Tourist best value and, more importantly, safe and secure. You could sign up to mousesavers.com and they give you a link to Undercover Tourist which gives you even more discount. You get more choice regarding tickets for the amount of time you are there(best to choose the US$ option to pay) and delivery within 10 days. If you are considering more visits in the future, it may be worth purchasing the 'non-expiration' option as this is the best value in the long run and Disney no longer offer it on their website or at the ticket booths.
#836654 by DocRo
01 Feb 2013, 21:29
Thanks for all the very useful responses. I think it will be the Portofino and the Hilton if I can get connecting rooms.
Ticket tip sounds great
#836680 by easygoingeezer
02 Feb 2013, 11:59
Royal Pacific hotel has a fab pool for kids to play in and its a little cheaper, they do a kids suite or king suite.
Very much enjoyed aquatica last year as they have secluded cabanas for grown ups to use whilst kids play on slides etc.
#836685 by northernhenry
02 Feb 2013, 12:33
easygoingeezer wrote:Royal Pacific hotel has a fab pool for kids to play in and its a little cheaper, they do a kids suite or king suite.
Very much enjoyed aquatica last year as they have secluded cabanas for grown ups to use whilst kids play on slides etc.

Must also admit to liking Aquatica, the lazyish river with lifevests especially fun for all...they also have good big area for little ones..
#836742 by Concorde RIP
03 Feb 2013, 10:38
Tickets wise, have a look at the Orlando flex ticket that would give you park access to Aquatica, Universal, IoA and Seaworld...I think it's the "plus" that includes Aquatica.

These are quite good value if you are resort hopping...would also allow the party to do different things some days if that is desirable.

Another vote here for the Royal Pacific at universal - always enjoyed our stays there.

Discovery Cove is a thought, but a pricy day and one person HAS to do the Dolphin swim thing - on the other hand, you get Seaworld access thrown in.

WDW will always be separately ticketed as far as I know.

The Hilton near downtown Disney is a really nice hotel as well.
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