#766167 by Ianf71
03 Feb 2011, 00:07
I love the Simpsons - it's the Dr. Doom thing that gets me. My mates made me go on it 3 times in a row a couple of years ago when the park was empty. I can't even see pictures of it now without my legs starting to shake :s
#766213 by Concorde RIP
03 Feb 2011, 13:22
Yeah, that DR Doom thing is horrific!!!
#807872 by SNOMO
16 Apr 2012, 08:42
Paulhat wrote:I agree, don't go on the forbidden journey ride if you suffer from motion sickness. The islands of adventure cleaning staff were lucky that the ride ended when it did!
Then my next mistake was to ride the Simpsons ride in universal studios which is also to be avoided if prone to motion sickness :$

Oh I so agree with both sentiments, I found the Simpsons ride the worse I must say.
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